Debree falling into the air blower (Loud Noise When Blower is on)

Ofer Zur

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Moraga, CA, USA
Recently my GLB started to make a very loud noise when the fan/blower started working.

Took the car to the MBENZ shop and the mechanic informed me that I have mice/rats living under neath the hood and they got acorns into my blower. The shop said that most likely the mice chewed through some pipes and by doing so they reached the blower.

I definitely could see the mice dropping on top of the engine however how in the world can the nice get to the blower? They wanted to charge me $300 for getting the acorns out of the blower but the manager agreed to make a one time to exception for me.

Well two weeks have gone by and here we go again the same noise!

I took it upon myself and took the blower out. Very easy took me 5 min 5 screws. Sure enough Acrons inside the blower again. See picture!

What the heck? I have been living at the same house 23 years and never had an issue like this before!

Can someone think how large size acorns can make it into the blower?

Is this a bad design by Mercedes?

Would love your opinion!
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